How Will the Ban on Homeopathic HCG Drops Affect Trim Body MD?

In a move that was met with mixed reactions from several sectors, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put a ban on weight loss products containing homeopathic human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), NOTE: Trim Body MD DOES NOT use homeopathic HCG. This move not only shocked weight loss doctors in Las Vegas, it also surprised the entire weight loss industry as well, especially since HCG has been gaining momentum as an effective product in helping people lose weight. This article gives more information about the reason behind the ban, as well as how this can affect weight loss doctors in Las Vegas and if it will affect Trim Body MD.

Trim Body MD HCG Program

trim body mdEven before the ban on homeopathic HCG, a lot of controversies have already revolved around the hormone. There are two main accusations thrown HCG’s way. First, some people are concerned about the daily 500-calorie diet promoted by the HCG program, as this is deemed restrictive and unhealthy, especially considering that a regular person consumes about 2,000 calories per day. Secondly, while HCG was previously approved by FDA experts in the past, the approval was for its use as treatment for fertility issues, and not for any other medical condition, even weight loss.

While HCG is controversial, it is important to clarify the fact that HCG itself isn’t being banned by the FDA. Rather, it is only homeopathic HCG that is being pulled off the market. According to the FDA, this is because the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States clearly stipulates what active ingredients can be used in homeopathic drugs. Because HCG is not part of the list, all of the homeopathic HCG products will need to be pulled out of the market.

As a side note, another reason that got the FDA concerned about homeopathic HCG is because in the past months, there were an increasing number of supplements that were being marketed as containing HCG and being highly effective in helping people lose weight. These products were sold under false pretenses, especially because the amount of HCG these contain is so diluted to the point of having no effect.

Is Trim Body MD Las Vegas affected?

Given all of these, how will the FDA ban affect TrimBody M.D.? In truth, TrimBody M.D. patients have little to fear, they DO NOT use homeopathic HCG when treating their patients, instead using prescription-strength HCG, which is usually administered to patients intravenously. In other words, it is only the manufacturers of homeopathic HCG who will be affected by the ban, since patients who want to lose weight can still go to Trimbody M.D. in order to get their HCG dosage to help them reach their weight loss goals.

While an intravenous administration of HCG may sound more dangerous, it is actually the safer and more reliable option, particularly since you will be taking each dosage under the direct supervision of one of the TrimBody M.D. weight loss doctors. It is not actually possible to get injections without a prescription. The FDA requires that all people who are getting injected with HCG will need to be monitored closely, which is why those who follow the HCG plan usually do so under the direct supervision of a doctor. This is actually a good option to pursue, considering that Trim Body MD will be able to ensure that you follow a program that will be effective in helping you get rid of your excess weight. What’s more, TrimBodyMD will also be able to help you avoid experiencing any health problems while on the HCG program, including any side effects that you may experience. Because you will be working closely with TrimBody MD Las Vegas doctors on what you can do and what you should avoid while on this weight loss program, you will be able to avoid any possible problems that may occur.

It is also worth noting that the HCG injections are actually more effective compared to the homeopathic HCG supplements, so you have the assurance of getting the results that you want with this option compared to purchasing products online without actually knowing where it’s from or if it actually works or not.

The bottom line about HCG and Trim Body MD

Admittedly, taking HCG does require weekly analysis so make sure that you talk with TrimBodyMD who will be able to provide you with more information about HCG and how it can affect your body. TrimBody M.D. is composed of a team of trained and experienced doctors in Las Vegas who will be able to give you proper advice on what you can do to help you lose weight. Consult with them to find out whether the HCG diet program is the best choice for you. Trim body MD Reviews and before and after testimonials can be found on this website.

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